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An inevitable outcome of taking a drug are side effects due to poor drug delivery - an example are cancer patients who often lose their hair even their lives! Because the drug is poorly delivered to both healthy and cancer cells leading to toxicity.

Poor drug delivery leads to toxicity, side effects, the need of higher dosages and major capital losses. Each drug will cost on average $2B to be developed, but 90% of drugs fail to reach the market due to toxicity. 

We Made
a Promise

This is our commitment to healthcare

We address the main two problems in modern drug development: sub-optimal outcomes and capital loss.

Today, Pharma companies spend billions of dollars to develop new drugs. However, the current technological threshold has resulted in a loop of ineffective drugs that cost more than $2B each.


At Optima Nanomed we believe now is the time to act. We aim to inspire positive change through nanotechnology that foster enhanced treatments and better patient outcomes. We are re-imagining and re-shaping drug delivery by commercialising top-notch principles from academia, minimising drug development costs and time to market; and eliminating side effects.

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