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No drug left behind.

No disease left uncured.

Shaping the future of drug delivery using advanced nanotechnology.


We are developing nanomaterials for improved drug delivery into tissues that hard to target and penetrate by conventional drugs and methods.


Our vehicle particles can transport any drug from blood circulation to  exact diseased tissues.


Imagine a 5-star Uber driver for any drug for any condition; able to penetrate even the hardest tissues.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Enhanced treatments.
Better patient outcomes.

At Optima Nanomed, we think outside the box - as there is no box. We disrupt drug performance  as we know it.

Innovation - Driven Solutions

We are leveraging from years of experience and expertise. We are using proprietary technology to develop smart programmable nanomaterials.

Science Student

Cutting edge technology

Delivery and penetration of the hardest tissue in the body was improved by 80% - which was never achieved before.

Next Generation Technologies for More Sustainable Treatments

By attaching a drug to Optima Nanomed's nanotechnology platform, we enhance the performance of the drug. Resulting in decreasing toxicity, no need for higher dosages and optimal treatments.


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Jan 2023

Backed by Entrepreneur First

Part of Entrepreneur First London cohort - secured first pre seed investment.


Feb 2023

MVP demonstration & testing


Awarded scientists. Experts in nanotechnology. Backed by Entrepreneur First.


Europe's number one early stage investor

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